Balance and relaxation

Balance and relaxation

Balance and relaxation

Find your balance! Doing things that you enjoy can help to balance out stress and help you relax. What do you enjoy doing? What is good for you?

Here are a few ideas:

Finding and continuing hobbies

Meeting and spending time with  friends

Listening to music or an audiobook


Watching your favorite movie or TV series

Sitting in a pleasant or relaxing place

Playing with a pet

Laughter is also great for lifting your mood and relieving stress!

You can find many ideas for sports and exercise here:

Have you ever heard of relaxation exercises?

They are not as boring as they sound – we promise!

This is what you should know about relaxation exercises!

Relaxation exercises need to be practiced regularly, just like sports or learning an instrument. You are training your body to become calmer.

The more often you practice, the faster you will be able to relax and relieve stress when you need to.

Studies show that practicing relaxation exercises regularly can decrease headache frequency and severity!

Here are two easy-to-learn relaxation techniques:

Find out how to relax. Or find out how to get a good night’s sleep and plenty of exercise.

You! Relax!

Chill out!

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What can you do?

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