Muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation

With Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR for short), you learn how to tense and relax the different muscle groups in your body.

Many young people find this exercise very effective. It teaches you the difference between what your muscles feel like when they are tense and what they feel like when they are relaxed.

This is how the exercise works:

  • You can do this exercise while sitting or lying down.
  • Tense your muscle groups from head to toe, one after the other.
  • Each time you tense up a muscle group, you’ll hold the tension for a moment, and then relax the muscles again.
  • You will feel the difference between the tension and relaxation of muscles that you might not otherwise notice.

You can feel how much more pleasant the relaxation is than the tension!

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You can also print out the PMR manual!

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