How stressed are you?

How stressed are you?

How stressed are you?

Stress is a normal part of life!

BUT… sometimes a stressful situation doesn’t go away so you’re constantly dealing with it. Or maybe you have such a packed day that you don’t know how you’ll get everything done.


Then, having trouble with your friends or parents can mean even more stress for your body.

SO… it’s important that you take time to calm your body and your mind during your day. And that’s not so easy sometimes!

How stressed are you?

Here you can check if you are still in a healthy range!

Please check ALL of the boxes below that describe you.

Stress score

How about you?

If you are in the green zone:

Great! You have a good balance between stress and relaxation.

If you still have headaches, you might be able to manage your headaches with more exercise or better sleep.

If you are in the red zone:

Beware! You have a lot of stress.

But you probably already knew that. Let’s think about how you can reduce your stress a little and find ways to relax more.

You can find ideas under the “What can I do?” linked below.

What can I do?

What can you do to become more relaxed?

What can you do?

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You! Relax!

Chill out!

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