On this page you will find all sorts of useful materials that you can download. You can print these materials and fill them out. Here you can find…

‘ a relaxation guide
‘ a headache diary
‘ a checklist for the doctor’s appointment
‘ information PDFs for parents

Have fun discovering!

Relaxation guide

Here, you will find brief instructions for Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR for short).

The headache diary

In it you can write down…

    • Headache characteristics: pain intensity, duration, and onset
    • Accompanying symptoms of headaches, e.g., vomiting, sensitivity to noise or light…
    • Features before headache onset: triggers and prodromal symptoms
    • Treatment: strategies and medications used and how helpful they were
    • Interference of the pain in everyday life

Checklist for your next doctor’s appointment

Before you talk to your doctor, write down what you want to discuss and any questions you have. Take these notes with you to the apppointment. You can find the checklist here:

Information sheets for parents

Information sheets about tension-type headaches are available here…

…And the info sheets on migraines can be found here:

Learn more about headaches on the following pages.

Tension-type headaches

Here you will find information about the most common type of headache, the tension-type headache.

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Learn more about migraines and everything that goes with them!

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Manage your headaches

Find helpful tips and strategies to reduce or eliminate headaches.

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